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AS9100D Pocket Guide


My audit team of 14 use these pocket guides to walk the audit process. The guides are designed to simplify an overwhelming task. The guides are easy to use and highlighted for visual aids. Ever time the standard changes, I purchase these guides for myself and everyone on my audit team. Thank you for the "The End" part of the booklet, a must read for everyone, brings both parties into perspective! I've been a long time customer and plan to be a life long one. Thank you for publishing this guide and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Date Added: 04/06/2017 by Suzin Marshall


Found on Amazon

Found on Amazon

Reviews below were originally submitted to amazon.com. An Audit of the System, Not of the People / An AS9100C Pocket Guide for Every Employee...

Great QMS Tool!

When I first came across the ISO 9001:2008 pocket guide, I instantly saw the value. The color coding within help to show auditors what they will be...